We Believe - A Study Guide of Bible Principles

Many people are looking for a study guide to be of help in personal study of the Bible, to be used as a group study tool, and to help reinforce the truth. As a result, the Ministerial Association at the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventists has developed We Believe: A Study Guide of Bible Principles.

Each lesson guide has

– stories to illustrate a point,
– a preface to the lesson,
– some important points regarding the lesson,
– the lesson in the form of questions or statements (“nuts and bolts"),
– different important words introduced in the lessons,
– differences between words or concepts,
– your personal checklist,
– and a closing prayer.

Readers are invited to go through all of these features carefully in order to benefit the most from the lessons. Each of the chapters in the book has one study guide. 

First, study the lesson in the book, looking up the biblical references. The study cannot be complete or satisfying without that open Bible in front of you.

Second, turn to the lesson guide. Answer the questions or fill in the blanks, by turning to the biblical references mentioned. In some cases, you may have to use your own words and reflections.

We hope that such a study will build your faith, direct you to study earnestly the Word of God, and above all, to build an intimate and growing relationship with our Lord Jesus.