Nehemiah 2 – 25 PBE questions

  1. When did the events described in chapter 2 happen? Specify the month and the year. (2:1)
  2. What kind of sorrow did the king perceived in Nehemiah? (2:2)
  3. What was the status of Jerusalem and of its gates? (2:3)
  4. What did Nehemiah do immediately after the king asked him “what do you request?”? (2:4)
  5. Where did Nehemiah ask to be sent? Two possible answers. Be specific. (2:5)
  6. Where was the queen during the conversation of Nehemiah with the king? (2:6)
  7. For whom were the letters Nehemiah asked for? (2:7)
  8. Who was Asaph? (2:8)
  9. What three things were to be made with the timber? (2:8)
  10. Have you noticed the expression Nehemiah repeatedly uses “the good hand of my God upon me”? (2:8). Good. It will help you!
  11. Who else was sent by the king to accompany Nehemiah on the mission? (2:9)
  12. Why were the two officials deeply disturbed when Nehemiah came? (2:10)
  13. How many days did Nehemiah stay without telling anyone about his mission? (2:11)
  14. Nehemiah visited the ruins of the city very early in the morning. True or False. (2:12)
  15. Which landmark on Nehemiah’s path is correct: Serpent Gate. Snake’s Well. Serpent Well. Gate of Serpents. (2:13)
  16. Name two of the three gates Nehemiah visited on that occasion. (2:13-14)
  17. Why couldn’t he go beyond the King’s Pool? (2:14)
  18. Fill in the blanks: “I had not yet told the ………., the ………., the ………., the ………., or the others who did the work.” (2:16)
  19. What did Nehemiah proposed to the leaders of Jerusalem? (2:17)
  20. What do you recognize in verse 18? (See question 10.)
  21. What did the leaders of Jerusalem say as reaction to Nehemiah’s proposal? (2:18)
  22. Mention the nationalities of Sanballat, Tobiah and Geshem. (2:19)
  23. Building Jerusalem was seen as a rebellion to the king. True or false. (2:19)
  24. Fill in the blanks: “The God of heaven ………. will ………. us; therefore we His ………. will ………. and ……….. (2:20)
  25. Enlist the three things pagans will not have in Jerusalem. (2:20)

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