Nehemiah 1 – 20 PBE questions

  1. What was the name of Nehemiah’s father? (V1)
  2. Which month of the year was when Nehemiah learned about the state of Jerusalem?
  3. The events happened “in the twentieth year”. Of whom? (Or… Of what? Or… since when?)
  4. Where was Nehemiah living?
  5. Who was Hanani? (V2)
  6. What nationality were the people Nehemiah inquired about?
  7. Where were the survivors of captivity living?
  8. What was the state of the survivors? (V3)
  9. How did the men describe the wall of Jerusalem and its gates?
  10. Enlist the five things Nehemiah did when he heard the news about Jerusalem? (V4)
  11. To whom is God keeping his covenant? (V5)
  12. Enlist the three parties who have sinned against God. (V6)
  13. Enlist the three things God commanded to Moses to be kept by Israel. (V7)
  14. Fill in the blanks: If you are ………., I will ………. you among the ………. . (V8)
  15. What were the three things people of God were to do to be gathered again to Jerusalem? (V9)
  16. Fill in the blanks: I will ………. them from there, and ………. them to the ………. which I have chosen as a ………. for My name.’”
  17. Mention the two means by which God has redeemed His people. (V10)
  18. Fill in the blanks: I pray, please let Your ………. be attentive to the prayer of Your servant, and to the prayer of Your ………. who desire to ………. Your name; and let Your servant ………. this day, I pray. (V11)
  19. Nehemiah prayed to be granted mercy “in the sight of this man”. Who was that man?
  20. What did Nehemiah do as a job, in Shushan?

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