Micah 1 – 25 PBE questions

  1. What is the name of the place where the prophet Micah used to live? (V1)
  2. Enlist the names of the three kings governing while Micah ministered as a prophet.
  3. Which kingdom were they rulers of?
  4. What were the two regions in focus for Micah’s messages?
  5. Who would be a witness against “all you peoples”? (V2)
  6. Fill in the blanks (V3): “the ………. is coming out of His ……….; He will come ………. And ………. on the ……….. places of the earth.”
  7. What will melt under God and what will split like wax before the fire? (V4)
  8. Enlist the four names of locations (towns, regions, countries) in verse 5.
  9. Fill in the blanks (V6): I will make ………. a heap of ………. in the field, Places for planting a ……….; I will pour down her ………. into the valley, And I will ………. her foundations.”
  10. What shall be beaten to pieces? (V7)
  11. What will happen to the idols of Samaria?
  12. Mention the two animals used by the prophet to illustrate the wailing for the country. (V8)
  13. According to V9, how were the wounds of Judah? 
  14. Fill in the blanks: Tell it not in ………., Weep not at all; In ………. Aphrah Roll yourself in the dust.”
  15. Please write down two out of the three locations mentioned in V11. 
  16. What came down from the Lord to the gate of Jerusalem? (V12)
  17. What is the name of the place in V13 where the transgressions of Israel were found also?
  18. Fill in the blanks: She was the beginning of ………. to the ………. of Zion.
  19. Who will be a lie to the kings of Israel? (V14)
  20. What shall be given to Moresheth Gath?
  21. To whom will be an heir given? (V15)
  22. To whom will the glory of Israel come?
  23. What two things was Judah to do as a sign of mourning? (V16)
  24. What bird is mentioned in V16?
  25. Where will the precious children of Judah go?

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