Ezra 1 – 20 PBE questions

  1. In which year of the reign of Cyrus happened the events in chapter one of Ezra? (V1)
  2. Which kingdom was ruled by king Cyrus?
  3. The prophecy of which prophet of the Bible thus came to fulfillment?
  4. Do you know what that prophecy was about?
  5. How was the king’s command made known into the kingdom?
  6. How spread was the governance of Cyrus into the world? (V2)
  7. What command did Cyrus receive from God?
  8. In which region was Jerusalem located?
  9. The house of which god was to be built in Jerusalem? Be specific. (V3)
  10. Enlist the five types of helps that were to be given to Israelites for the temple. (V4)
  11. Who are the three tribes mentioned in verse 5, people that got up to go to Jerusalem. (V5)
  12. Who were the four categories of people who stood up to obey the command?
  13. Enlist the six types of helps that were given to Israelites for the temple. See difference compared to question 10 (V6)
  14. Which king is mentioned beside Cyrus in verse 7? (V7)
  15. Who was the treasurer of the king of Persia? (V8)
  16. Who was the leader of the Israelites? 
  17. Fill in the blanks (V9): “This is the number of them: ………. gold platters, ……….. ………. silver platters, ………. knives”
  18. Fill in the blanks (V10): “………. gold basins, four hundred and ………. silver basins of a similar kind, and one thousand ………. ………..”
  19. How many articles of gold and silver were in total? (V11)
  20. Where were the Israelite captives living when they left for Jerusalem?

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