Top 10 from Genesis 1

Reading Genesis again? Take the following ten short ideas as a draft for your personal in-depth study of Genesis 1.

1. The Bible begins with God. Introducing the Creation, it reflects toward intelligent design.

2. God made the light first, and the Sun later (on the fourth day). Where did that first light come from?

3. All Creation days are reckoned as beginning at sunset, and ending at sunset.  Remember the Sabbath?

4. First three days of Creation introduce the framework: space, sea, land. Next three days see the inhabiting of these spaces with celestial bodies and living creatures.

5. Did Adam have a belly button 😊? Most probably not. He was created as a mature being. The same for the stars, being made to appear for terrestrial view on the fourth day.

6. Other worlds and beings were created before us. Details in Job 38:4-7.

7. While for all things created God said: “let there be…”, for humans He said: “Let us make…” That’s a different order and relationship.

8. Man was created in the image of God. Forget about the apes…

9. Noticed the plural in God’s first talk about the humans (“let us make”, “in our image”. To whom was He speaking?

10. Everything made by God was good. By the end of the first week it was all very good. That’s perfection.

Got questions?

If you have questions about Genesis 1, use the Comments section below. We’ll try to answer, bringing some lights on!