Bible Commentary

Volume 1 – Genesis to Deuteronomy

Introduction (covering: The Languages, Manuscripts, and Canon of the Old Testament; The Creationist Model of Origins; Genesis and Geology; Archeology and the Recovery of Ancient History; The Historical Background of the Patriarchal Period; Daily Life in the Patriarchal Age; Weights, Measures, and Money Values in the Old Testament; The Names of God in the Old Testament; The Chronology of Early Bible History)

01 Genesis

02 Exodus

03 Leviticus

04 Numbers

05 Deuteronomy

Volume 2 – Joshua to 2 Kings

Introduction (covering: The Ancient World From c. 1400 to 586 B.C.; The Hebrew Calendar in Old Testament Times)

06 Joshua

07 Judges

08 Ruth

09 1 Samuel

10 2 Samuel

11 1 Kings

12 2 Kings

Volume 5 – Matthew to John

Introduction (covering Between the Testaments; 1st Century Jews; Ancient Jewish Literature; NT Languages, Mss and Canon; Bible Criticism; Fourfold Gospel Narrative; NT Chronology)

40 Matthew

41 Mark

42 Luke

43 John

Volume 6 – Acts to Ephesians

Introduction (covering: The Early Christian Church; Roman History in New Testament Times; Chronology of the Acts and Pauline Epistles)

44 Acts

45 Romans

46 1 Corinthians

47 2 Corinthians

48 Galatians

49 Ephesians