Amos 9 – 20 PBE questions

  1. Where did Amos see God standing, according to 9:1
  2. Where will people try to hide – digging and climbing away – from the Lord? (and yet He will find them) 9:2
  3. Some will try to hide on the top of a mountain. Mention the name of that mountain. 9:3
  4. What creature will God use to kill those hiding at the bottom of the sea? 9:3
  5. What will slay the people sent into captivity? 9:4
  6. What happens to the earth when God touches it? 9:5
  7. Fill in the blanks:
    “He who builds His layers in the ………., And has founded His strata in the ……….; Who calls for the waters of the ………., And pours them out on the ……… of the earth— The ………. is His name.
  8. Which nation was brought by the Lord from Egypt? 9:7
  9. Which nation was brought up from Caphtor? 9:7
  10. Where did the Syrians came from? 9:7
  11. What kingdom will be destroyed by the Lord from the dace of the earth? 9:8
  12. What is sifted in the sieve? 9:9
  13. Who from God’s people will die by the sword? 9:10
  14. The tabernacle of whom will be raised on the day of the Lord? 9:11
  15. Who are called by God’s name? Be very specific. 9:12
  16. Fill in the blanks:
    “Behold, the ………. are coming,” says the Lord, “When the ………. shall overtake the ………., And the treader of ………. him who sows ……..…” 9:13
  17. What shall drip from the mountains (or flow from the hills)? 9:13
  18. Fill in the blanks:
    “I will bring back the ………. of My people Israel; They shall build the waste cities and ………. them; They shall plant ………. and drink wine from them; They shall also make ………. and eat fruit from them.” 9:14
  19. Who will plant people in their land? 9:15
  20. True or false: People shall no longer be pulled up from the land. 9:15

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