Amos 8 – 10 PBE questions

  1. What did Amos see, according to 8:1-2?
  2. The symbol seen in verses 1-2 illustrated the “beginning” or the “end” of Israel?
  3. What shall be turned into wailing? 8:3
  4. The people falsified three units of measuring in the market. Can you mention them? 8:5
  5. On this deceitful market, what was to be the price set for the sale of a needy person? 8:6
  6. The river of which country is being mentioned as swelling? 8:7 also in 9:5
  7. Fill in the blanks the following prophecy:
    “And it shall come to pass in that ……….,” says the Lord God, “That I will make the ………. go down at ………., And I will darken the ………. in broad ……….” 8:9
  8. What kind of famine will God send on the land? 8:11
  9. Fill in the blanks:
    “They shall wander from sea to ………., And from ………. to east; They shall ………. to and fro, seeking the ………. of the Lord, But shall not find it.” 8:12
  10. In the last verse of chapter 8, there are some who will fall and never rise again. Their transgression is that they swear by the sin of…? 8:14

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