Amos 7 – 15 PBE questions

  1. When did God form the locust swarms? 7:1
  2. How was Jacob (people of Israel): great or small? 7:2 also in 7:6
  3. After the vision of the locusts, what was the second vision of? 7:4
  4. When in 7:8 the Lord asked “Amos, what do you see?” what did the prophet answer?
  5. Against whom will the Lord rise a sword? 7:9
  6. Who was Amaziah? 7:10
  7. Fill in the blanks the prophecy of Amos:
    “………. shall die by the sword, And ………. shall surely be led away ………. from their own land.” 7:11
  8. What other description is being used for the “prophet”? 7:12
  9. Into which land was Amos threatened to flee and prophesy? 7:12
  10. Where was the prophet Amos forbidden to prophesy? 7:13
  11. Fill in the blanks: “Then Amos answered, and said to Amaziah:
    “I was no ………., Nor was I a ………. of a prophet, But I was a ………. and a ………. of sycamore fruit.” 7:14
  12. When the Lord called Amos, what command did He give him? 7:15
  13. Amos was forbidden to speak against the house of whom? 7:16
  14. Following the curse on the man who stopped Amos prophesying, what was to happen to his sons and daughters? 7:17
  15. Where was this man going to die? In what land? Be very specific.

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