Amos 6 – 10 PBE questions

  1. Whereas the mount of Zion represents Ierusalem, the capital of Judah, which mountain represented the capital of Israel? 6:1
  2. What nation lived in Gath? 6:2
  3. Those who lie on beds of ivory and stretch on coaches put far off a specific day. Which day? 6:3-4
  4. What musician from the Old Testament is being mentioned in this chapter? 6:5
  5. True or false: “Anoint yourselves with the best ointments, But are not grieved for the affliction of Jacob”. 6:6
  6. Out of ten people who will remain in a house, during the day of the Lord, how many will be left alive? 6:9
  7. When collecting dead bodies for their funerals, what did they not dare to say on such moments? 6:10
  8. “Do horses run on rocks?” Yes or No. 6:12 (this is just to make you think)
  9. Into what have they turned the fruit of righteousness? 6:12 (the symbol has been used also in 5:7)
  10. No one should ask you the question about Hamath and Valley of the Arabah.
    Yet, in the samples from NAD we found such a question. Please know that this affliction brought by the Lord will affect Israel from Hamath (a northern city in Syria) to the Valley of the Arabah (which is down south, at the Red Sea). Basically this expression covers the entire land of Israel, from the northern boundary to the most extreme south one.

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