Amos 3 – 15 PBE questions

  1. Against whom was spoken the word of the Lord, according to 3:1 (2pts)
  2. For what were the Israelites punished by the Lord, according to 3:2?
  3. Fill in the blanks: “Can ………. walk together, unless they are ……….?” 3:3 (2pts)
  4. What two animals are being mentioned in 3:4? (2pts)
  5. What has to be in a snare to get a bird? 3:5
  6. What is the reaction of the people in a city when a trumpet is being blown? 3:6
  7. Please write from memory Amos 3:7. (it is a very important text)
  8. According to 3:8, when a lion roars, everyone fears. What happens when God speaks?
  9. According to 3:9, where were they called to assemble, the people from Ashdod and from Egypt?
  10. True or false: “For they do not do what is right.” 3:10
  11. What will happen to the palaces, when an adversary will come around the land? 3:11
  12. What can a shepherd rescue from a sheep that got into the mouth of a lion? (3pts)
  13. How is Lord God named in 3:13?
  14. Which parts of the altars of Bethel will be cut off? 3:14
  15. Name the four types of houses that will be destroyed. 3:15 (4 pts)

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