Amos 2 – 25 PBE questions

  1. Who was the enemy of Moab? (Amos 2:1)
  2. Fill in the blanks (Amos 2:2): “Moab shall ………. with tumult, With ………. and ………. sound.”
  3. What two types of leaders will be killed from Moab? (Amos 2:3)
  4. What was the transgression of Judah? (Amos 2:4)
  5. What led Judah astray? (Amos 2:4)
  6. Fill in the blanks: “But I will send a ………. upon Judah, And it shall ………. the ……….. of Jerusalem.” (Amos 2:5)
  7. What was the transgression of Israel? (Amos 2:6)
  8. What was sold for silver in Israel? (Amos 2:6)
  9. What was the price for a poor man in Israel? (Amos 2:6)
  10. Israel perverted the way of the ………… (Amos 2:7)
  11. When sinning, people of Israel were defiling ………. (Amos 2:7)
  12. Where did the lie down, on clothes taken in pledge? (Amos 2:8)
  13. Where did they drink the wine of the condemned? (Amos 2:8)
  14. Who destroyed the Amorites, the enemy of Israel? (Amos 2:9)
  15. How high were the people of Amorites? (Amos 2:9)
  16. How strong were the people of Amorites? (Amos 2:9)
  17. What did God destroy in the Amorites? (Amos 2:9)
  18. Who brought Israel out of the land of Egypt? (Amos 2:10)
  19. How many years did Israel spend in the wilderness? (Amos 2:10)
  20. God raised some of the sons of Israel as prophets and others as ………. (Amos 2:11)
  21. How did Israel tried to make the Nazirites sin? (Amos 2:12)
  22. What did Israel say to the prophets sent by God? (Amos 2:12)
  23. According to Amos 2:14, who will not be able to deliver himself?
  24. According to Amos 2:15, who will not be able to deliver himself?
  25. Fill in the blanks: “The most ………. men of might Shall flee ……….. in that day,” Says the LORD.” (Amos 2:16)

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