Amos 1 – 25 PBE questions

  1. Amos was a sheepbreeder – True or false. (V1)
  2. From what region of the country was Amos coming from?
  3. Uzziah was a king of Israel – True or false.
  4. When did Amos have his visions concerning Israel?
  5. Fill in the blanks (V2): The Lord roars from ………., And utters His voice from ……….; The pastures of the ………. mourn, And the top of ………. withers.
  6. What was the main transgression of Damascus? (V3)
  7. The fire sent to the house of Hazel will also devour the palaces of whom? (V4)
  8. Where will the people of Syria go captives to? (V5)
  9. When dealing with Damascus, what will God break?
  10. What will happen to the inhabitant of the Valley of Aven?
  11. What was the main transgression of Gaza? (V6)
  12. Where did Gaza send captives?
  13. What shall be devoured by fire in Gaza? (V7)
  14. Enlist the three cities mentioned in verse 8, all belonging to Gaza region. (V8)
  15. People of Gaza were Israelites or Philistines?
  16. What transgression had in common Tyre and Gaza? (V9)
  17. What specific transgression did Tyre manifest?
  18. Tyre was to have the same fate as Gaza – True or false (V10)
  19. Fill in the blanks (V11): For three transgressions of Edom, and for four, I will not turn away its punishment, Because he pursued his ………. with the sword, And cast off all ……….; His anger tore ………., And he kept his ………. forever.”
  20. Where were placed the palaces of Edom?
  21. The main transgression of Ammon was violence against some pregnant women. Where were they from? (V12)
  22. Why did the people of Ammon do this transgression?
  23. Where will God kindle a fire in Ammon? (V14)
  24. Fill in the blanks: Amid shouting in the day of ……….., And a tempest in the day of the ……….. .
  25. Who from Ammon will go into captivity? (V15)

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